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Solea Sleep is a five-minute laser treatment that offers near-instant relief to those who struggle with snoring. Solea Sleep is pain-free and requires no post-treatment recovery. Thanks to Solea Sleep, we can treat your snoring at our office in less time than it takes to fall asleep at night. 

How Does Solea Sleep Work?

Most people are palatal snorers, meaning their snoring is due to the vibrating of their soft palate tissue. The vibration (or snoring) happens over time while the palate tissue loosens. The Solea laser gently tightens the collagen fibers in your soft palate tissue, which in turn opens your airway and reduces the vibrations that lead to snoring.     

Benefits of Solea Sleep

Your snoring is significantly reduced or eliminated 

– You get deeper, better quality sleep

– You no longer disrupt your or your partner’s sleep 

– You have more energy and a better mood

– Your memory, concentration, and learning improve 

– You no longer wake up with a sore throat and/or headache. 

What to Expect During and After Procedure

Most patients don’t feel anything during the Solea Sleep procedure. A small number report feeling a warm sensation from the laser. In order to eliminate potential pain or discomfort, we cover your soft palate with an anesthetic spray prior to the procedure. Afterwards, you may experience some minor irritation or soreness for about a day. 

Typically, the results last between 12-15 months. Because the collagen in your soft palate tissue naturally loosens over time, Solea Sleep can never be a one-time procedure. To maintain the best results, we therefore advise patients to schedule a procedure once a year.

If Solea Sleep apnea & snoring treatment sounds like the right solution for you, reach out to us at Forestville Family Dental so we can answer any additional questions you may have.

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Meet the doctor:

Dr. Grados graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry in 2014 with honors in endodontics. While in college, he studied in an advanced program that gave him access to more complicated training techniques to help make him a more capable dentist. He also used his skills as a volunteer throughout his time in college, taking mission trips to northern Maine and to the Dominican Republic to provide free dental care to those in need. Dr. Grados’ goal for each patient is a smile that he can perfect a little more each time they visit his practice. He enjoys the challenge of practicing dentistry and the connection he’s able to form with each and every patient.

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