Dental Bridges in Forestville

Dental bridges replace a missing tooth by anchoring to the adjacent tooth to provide a strong and stable replacement. If you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge is one of several options that can be used to restore your smile and prevent shifting in your bite.

What are dental bridges?

A bridge is an installation that helps dental patients who have missing teeth. A replacement tooth “bridges” the space between your teeth, bringing back your natural smile and helping you feel self-confident. It also improves your oral health. Bridges prevent your other teeth from moving into the gaps; affecting biting, chewing, and speaking; and, in some cases, causing TMJ disorder, a condition which can cause pain throughout your jaw, ears, face, and head. 

What dental bridge should I get?

Every person’s mouth is different. Therefore, everyone needs dental care that is personalized. In the case of bridges, your dental needs will determine the type that is your best fit. 

Forestville Family Dental provides both traditional and implant-supported bridges for our patients. A traditional bridge is where the replacement tooth is inserted into the space, and the crowns on the teeth next to it secure the bridge in its place. An implant-supported bridge is where metal implants are put in the jaw to support the bridge. Implant-supported bridges are a good option for patients who may be missing multiple teeth. 

Patients may need different solutions, such as partial dentures or dental implants. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll learn about you in order to set up a specific dental plan for your situation.   

How do I get a dental bridge?

Having a bridge put in requires several appointments. The first step is usually to equip you with a temporary bridge while its permanent counterpart is being completed. All of our bridges are custom-made to naturally fit into your smile and, if supported by regular dental hygiene and care, will last for between 5 to 15 years. Reach out to us if getting a dental bridge sounds like the right solution for you.   

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Meet the doctor:

Dr. Grados graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry in 2014 with honors in endodontics. While in college, he studied in an advanced program that gave him access to more complicated training techniques to help make him a more capable dentist. He also used his skills as a volunteer throughout his time in college, taking mission trips to northern Maine and to the Dominican Republic to provide free dental care to those in need. Dr. Grados’ goal for each patient is a smile that he can perfect a little more each time they visit his practice. He enjoys the challenge of practicing dentistry and the connection he’s able to form with each and every patient.

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